Abstract Macro #2
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+ Comments (8) Abstract Macro #2 - Jan. 15th 2007 - 02:02pm

A few people guessed last weeks photo, which was a keyboard. I had taken the keys off to clean it (it's amazing how much gunk gets stuck down there) and decided to take a few shots of it while they were off. It was lit by sunlight from the window, and I changed it to a duotone.

It was suggested that I continue with my "guess the photo" game, so here is another for this week.

Camera Model: E7900
Exposure: 1/60 sec
Aperture: f 4.8
Focal: 7.8 mm
ISO: 50
Flash: Fired
Categories: [Abstract]  [Macro]  [Point & Shoot]  [Shallow DOF]  [Textures]  
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